Is your institution ready to adopt the Harvard Policy?

If you work in a research institution then you are well aware of the policy adopted by the Harvard Arts and Sciences faculty that is taking the academy by storm: the mandate that scholars deposit their works into an institutional repository.

Universities across the world are adopting like policies so they can get a better handle on the intellectual capacity of their organizations. Many institutions, however, are not ready.

Pronetos can help.

Through two offerings – our interdisciplinary Global Research Archive, and our hosted OAI compliant repositories, we can help your institution manage, share, catalog, and archive your research output across all disciplines.

Global Research Archive

The Global Research Archive is a free service, hosted by Pronetos, open to scholars of all disciplines. The GRA uses the same technology platform as our hosted solutions and represents the easiest and fastest way to get your content into a standards compliant repository. The GRA accepts works that carry the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. This allows the immediate publication of your scholarship while maintaining its integrity. As is customary in academe, all works downloaded from the GRA require attribution. As an added feature, works from the GRA can be remixed into custom publications – course texts, readers, or anthologies – and in either print or digital form. To get started, simply go the GRA and upload a paper!

Hosted Institutional Repository

With the hosted repository Pronetos removes all the barriers to having your own institutional repository (IR). For a annual management fee that fits into the budget of any institution you get:

  • An OAI-PMH compliant repository, hosted and managed by Pronetos
  • Branding of the repository with your institutions logo, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Software upgrades as they are released
  • Dual daily back ups of your data
  • Professional management of the hardware and software for your repository

Why spend six-figures buying hardware and software to run a repository when our technology professionals can do it for you? With Pronetos handling the technology your staff can stay focused on their areas of competency, your faculty can have place to share and archive their work, and your institution can join the ranks of the most well-funded and technologically capable institutions on the Planet. The technology behind our offerings powers more repositories than any other open source repository available – it is tested in the real world so you know your scholarly output is safe, and secure.

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