Why Would You Want to Charter a Private Aircraft?

Posted by on October 13, 2018

A view of a private jet in an airport immediately makes you think that someone rich or a celebrity is flying out. However, in reality, it is not always so. Yes, celebrities do fly privately, but it isn’t necessary that this facility is enjoyed solely by the affluent population.

Certain myths surround private jets, and one common myth is that private jets are only owned by the rich and powerful. This may not always be true. Usually, it is owned by businesses, used only for business and chartered if not in use. Although some players in the field of private flying have made it accessible to many others.

Touring NYC in styleFly on a Private Jet for Less

There is a misconception that private jet flights are super expensive. In reality, you can find great seats in a private jet at amazing prices. There are two ways for this. One is that you share the flight with a group. The cost of taking a private jet is the same and doesn’t depend on the number of people onboard. Hence, the cost is divided among the passengers on that flight. If you go in a group, it will cost you lesser than taking the whole plane for yourself.

Another way is the empty leg flight. These are routes that are set to fly without any passengers onboard. This usually happens when a business owns a jet, and they need the jet to get to spot A from B. But there are no passengers from spot B that are going to A, although there are company executives that are flying out from spot A. So, on the route from B to A, the flight is empty.

In such cases, the company can sell the available seats at a discounted price. The cost can be as low as 75% off of the normal price. Travel companies often get a list of empty leg journeys so they can offer it to people who are looking to fly at convenience. Many charter companies also provide information on empty legs on their website too.

There is another way you can get a good deal on a private jet, and the example is JetSmarter. JetSmarter is a player in private aviation for shared flights. Customers have to pay $15,000 a year and book seats on flights. If they want to create their own flight, they can do so and post on the JetSmarter app. Other interested customers can buy seats on the plane and reduce the flight cost. If all seats are sold, then the customer who created the flight can fly for free.

Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

●     Challenges of Flying Commercially

When you fly on a plane that takes many passengers, airlines like Southwest or Delta, you fly commercially. That means the airline taking you is in the business of flying. Air travel by commercial flights has become increasingly difficult. Cancellation of flights due to bad weather or technical difficulties happen all the time. In case one flight is dependent on another’s landing on time, then there are delays in case the original flight lands late. For technical difficulties on a scheduled flight, the time to find a replacement is very high.

Cramped cabins, lack of leg space or bland food may not be very comfortable for long journeys, especially if you have to sit throughout the duration. The security lines are longer, add to that immigration and check-in time. More people can afford to fly now, than before, and the aviation system is not prepared for that. Crowded terminals and cabins add to the discomfort while flying commercially.

●     Unusual Destinations

Commercial planes usually fly those routes that have most demand and traffic. Routes that have less demand or traffic may be dropped by commercial airlines if they do not make any profit out of it. On such routes, private jets become very useful. You can charter one and go to any place that has an airport. Even small airports, where big commercial planes cannot land are good to serve a private jet that is smaller.

Charter jets make traveling more convenient●     Convenience and Flexibility

Chartering a private jet allows you the convenience to fly on your own time. You decide the time you want to take off and the destination. In case you want to travel with the elderly or infirm, someone who has had an accident or small babies, private jets offer you hassle free services as compared to commercial airlines.

Chartered planes also allow you flexibility. An example of flexibility is when if you need to go from one place to another, but flights have been canceled due to a storm in the route. A private jet allows you to change your route to get to your destination, which is not possible for commercial airlines.

●     Comfort and Amenities

Private jets provide comfort while you are traveling. It all starts when you arrive just on time and not 2 hours before your scheduled departure. There are no security queues, and all you have to do is walk into the terminal that is crowd free. Your luggage is directly taken by porters to be stowed away.

There are no lines for boarding pass checks, and you can directly board the flight. Many private jests have beds and flatbed seats if you want to nap and iPads if you want to watch something. These facilities are not available on domestic flights. The food can be as per your tastes and bar will have anything you want.

●     Privacy

If you charter a plane, then you don’t have to share it anyone, or you can choose to share with a few people. There aren’t crowds that you will have to brave to get to your plane and can travel in privacy.

Chartered flights are good for a lot of reasons, as already discussed above. You can book them according to their availability. The availability of chartered flights depends on various reasons.

There are many New York City-based charters as there is a lot of demand for NYC based routes. Being a business hub, executives often fly in and out of the city for business. The traffic is high and commercial flights are mostly packed. In such cases, businesspeople choose to charter planes and save time as well as money. Private jet charters are a good idea for multiple reasons, and they do not remain expensive due to various market players and schemes.


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