Skin Care: Why Hydrate and Moisturize?

Posted by on February 22, 2019

Have you pictured yourself in the gorgeous, smooth, hydrated skin that was always a dream? If it seems like a dream too far and you are stuck with troublesome dry skin – or, like so many more around you, you are not clear about the difference between moisturizing and hydrating – this is just the place for you to be in!

Come to think of it, what is the precise difference between moisturizing and hydrating? Before you set about trying to understand the difference, you need to become more familiar with your skin and the workings of the dermal layer.

Dry skin can make it look wrinkledHave you ever realized that your skin is working hard round the clock? Not many people seem to realize that this is the largest organ in the human system that is responsible for covering the entire length of the body. Skin is the proverbial first line of defense for the body and helps in keeping us cool by sweating. Skin also grows the sufficient number of cells every month to get renewed and avoid any instances of depletion.

There is no end to this song of praise about the skin – it always has a lot going on for itself in staying hydrated and helping you look gorgeous.

Hydrate Your Skin – What Does It Mean?

Before going any further, it is important that a clear definition of dehydrated skin be established. Like anything else, dehydrated skin refers to the condition when the skin does not have enough water. It’s not always about dry and flaky skin. In the case of dehydrated skin, the water content within the tiny skin cells drops. This is important for your skin to ensure it functions properly and allows you to look at your best.

Hydrated skin is when your skin cells feel plump and rich in the water content that will keep it in perfect shape. It does not require any magic trick! Simply remember to drink enough water or use a topical product for hydration such as a face mist to get the results. However, a clear understanding of hydration is not possible if you are left ignorant about moisturizing.

Moisturize Your Skin – What Does It Mean?

While hydrating the skin helps keep it healthy, it will be of little good to you if all of that luscious hydration simply evaporates away from the skin. Good thing the skin has an oil barrier of its own to control the amount of water being lost – this is known as the lipid barrier.

Studies done on the importance of water for the skin has established that it cannot function normally without the right amount of water, especially the outer layers. It is important to regulate water being a loss from the epidermal surface to allow the complex nature of skin to function unhindered.

Your skin has microscopic barriers on its outer layer which helps in keeping the water content from the skin is lost. This is what is referred to as moisturized skin.

The bottom line is that if you have not done enough to properly moisturize your skin, all the good work you do towards hydrating it will be of waste. Non-moisturized and dehydrated skin put together amounts to dry and flaky skin.

While your skin has its lipid barrier, a little helping hand from your end will not go waste. This is where moisturizers come into the picture. Only when your skin is hydrated on the inside and moisturized on the outside will it be able to perform healthily.

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Moisturized and Hydrated

Take in plenty of water:

Your beauty is what lies on the inside (surely, you knew that!) and there is more than one way in which this can be true. You need water to keep the skin cells hydrated, and it has to be provided for from someplace. So, ensure you take in sufficient amount of water daily to stay hydrated.

Sleep with a humidifier:

Dry air makes your skin lose moisture in double quick time, and this is no secret. Infuse moisture into your skin with the help of a humidifier to keep the troubles of dry air at bay. Turn the humidifier on in your bedroom before you go to sleep to prevent loss of moisture during your sleep time.

Be liberal with the use of moisturizers:

Always keep a moisturizer handy around you. Don’t try to cheat on your skin with this hydration-trapping barrier else you will find it getting dehydrated all too soon. After you clean your face every day, put on a high-quality moisturizer. Even for those with naturally oily skin, the use of a moisturizing product is advisable. Just because your skin is oily, it does not mean that it will be moisturized as well.

Avoid frequent cleansing of the skin:

If you want glowing skin, it is a given that you should cleanse your face. However, try not to cleanse yourself too frequently else you may end up washing away the protective layer of oil that is so important for keeping the skin moisturized.

It is advisable that you do a cleanse twice a day and avoid doing any more than that. Also, use cool water rather than hot water for the cleansing. Hot water tends to produce more of a drying effect and could potentially make your daily face-wash routine a face-dry session.

Make use of suitable hydrating products:

There are many products in the market that have been specifically designed for keeping the face hydrated and infusing moisture deep into the cellular levels of the skin. Beauty patches are a good option for keeping the skin hydrated as well as reducing visible wrinkles and lines on your face. Get products for the Korean beauty look and follow Korean skincare routine for keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturized.

At the end of this knowledge session, you are sure to be better placed in terms of understanding the working of your skin while also realizing that hydrating and moisturizing are not quite two sides of the same coin. It’s time for you to take the necessary steps towards giving yourself a healthy and nourished skin.


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