Security Updates in Pronetos

Posted by on May 24, 2017

Greetings all – just a quick note about some code changes to the site, and some new security measures. In our effort to connect the worlds scholars in as seamless a manner as possible, we put up as few barriers as possible to communicating with each other. Unforunately, this has led to some users abusing the site by phishing or spamming legitimate Pronetos members. Why they chose our site when they could have copied hundreds of faculty e-mail addresses from any number of university website, I don’t know. What I can tell you though is that we are making some changes to the way Pronetos works.

First – our Terms of Use Agreement clearly states that users who engage in inappropriate activities such as phishing or spamming will be banned from using the site. We have banned several accounts where suspicious behavior has occurred. Second, later today we will implement code changes so that only colleagues can e-mail other colleagues within the system. This move will insure that only those with legitimate purposes are using the site. It also encourages you to complete your user profile so that other scholars will be able to clearly see whom they are adding as a colleague.

We want Pronetos to be a community where researchers can network and collaborate with other colleagues in their field, and a community that supports the creation of scholarly research. Thanks for helping us reach those goals. We hope we are helping you reach yours.

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