Meal Prep Tips for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet

Going gluten-free is now not only an option for those with celiac disease, but also for people who intend to do a lifestyle change. There’s been an explosion of gluten-free products ever since more research has been done on the phenomenon of “gluten intolerance.” Gluten intolerance shows that many people are now getting sick because of their inability to process gluten; so, the ultimate treatment is to cut out on gluten-laden foods altogether. Now, many doctors and health practitioners link gluten to many illnesses. While research is new, cutting out gluten on gluten sensitive people’s diets, show promising results.

Thanks to food manufacturers getting by with everyone’s health needs, there are now lots of gluten-free food product options for those who need it. Today, you can find a full range of bread, pastries, and pasta made without gluten. When you drop by a supermarket, you will also not be left without options. There are now aisles after aisles of gluten-free products for you to choose from.

Gluten-free carbonaraAlthough there are now lots of products to choose from, if you want to keep healthy, you want to build meals from scratch as much as you can. Of course, not everyone can make their pasta noodles from scratch because that takes skill and experience. But it is still better to cook your carbonara using store-bought pasta and a mix of your sauce, instead of merely buying a carbonara dish from a store.

Preparing your meals and cooking can take a big chunk of your time. And if you add washing the dishes before and after, that will take at least two hours of your every day. It is the issues of time and convenience that make people eat out more than they should. Eating out used to be a luxury that was reserved for special events and parties. These days, however, lots of people go out to eat for at least three meals a week. And when you are working away from home, and you do not have time to prepare your lunch box, you are left with no choice but to eat at a restaurant.

If you lead a busy life but have been itching to have more time to cook so you can eat healthier, here are some tips for you to consider:

1. Do all the prep once a week

If you’ve got Sundays off, you can use this day to do all your ingredient prep for the entire week. Preparing for your meals’ ingredients takes a big chunk of the cooking process. Imagine, you have to chop, slice, shred, grind, and measure all ingredients that you will be using, and the time it takes to do the prep process takes at least thirty minutes depending on the dish.

Gluten-free conversion for your meal planYou can plan out your meals for the week, do the shopping on your day off, and do the prep for that one day that you are free. Once you are done, store them in containers that you can pack in the fridge, grouped per day. By doing this, you get to simply grab the container, unload the ingredients, and cook the meal.

2. Plan your meals for the week

Giving some time to plan your meals for the week goes a long way because you get to save up on time, money and energy. When you go to the grocery, you already know what you are going to buy. You are assured that you get the best nutrition with a well-rounded meal plan. And you get to cook the right amount for your household, which means less food waste in the long run.

Planning is the way to go if you want to prepare your meals but are too busy to make it happen. If you are still testing the waters, you can subscribe to a meal kit delivery plan (, so you have a “feel” of what it’s like to prepare your meals every day.

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