We know that the world of academic and scholarly publication is changing. We also know that publishers and learned societies are finding it more difficult to manage the volume of submissions, publish all the quality content that comes in during the year, and do all this within budgetary constraints.

Pronetos can help.

By moving your existing journal to an on-line, open access platform you can gain readership while reducing publication costs, all while maintaining the impact and credibility of your journal. Pronetos uses open source technology developed by scholars for scholars – technology that is in use by over 350 universities and learned societies across the world.

If you need to:

  • Reduce costs of publication
  • Increase distribution
  • Develop an online presence

We can help. Plus, with our print-on-demand services we can further streamline your publication operation and augment your online journal by printing previous or current editions of your journal. That way you don’t pay for large runs of publications you might never sell – each issue is printed as it is purchased or subscribed to.

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