Insanely Effective Ways to Combat Bedbugs

Bedbugs can be difficult to get rid of especially if you have a lot of things hanging around the house. But when you think about it, all homes have at least a bed, couch, cabinet, and cupboard, right? Unfortunately, these are areas that bedbugs love thriving in, and so, if you are not careful, you may have to apply treatment solutions to your entire home. When this happens, you know the invasion has gone too far, and no amount of Band-Aid solution can cover for it.

Bed bugs can drive you insaneIf you consult a professional bed bug inspection in NYC, you will realize how vital your role is as a household owner in controlling bedbugs in your home. You may think, these are small pests anyway and you have no control over their presence. In fact, you have a special role to play in controlling them no matter how little they are.

Bedbugs don’t thrive in well-kept and clean areas. They also do not thrive in busy areas. Therefore, you as the homeowner also has a say as to why these pests start invading your home. You cannot put it as an excuse that these things are beyond your control. The problem is, many household owners are busy with their work, personal, and family life. Therefore, to check every crack and corner in the house can be near to impossible if they have a full-time job. If this sounds like you, then you know that the challenge is real.

It is easier said than done to say that you will check for bedbugs in your home, and you will never allow these to invade your place. However, to put these words into action is, in fact, very difficult. You cannot simply say that you want to control bedbugs without actually going around the house to check for their presence. You also cannot say that you want to control them without wanting to spend time and money into making it happen. The truth is, you need to invest time and money to control these pests successfully. If you are not willing to put in the effort, then you cannot expect these to leave your home any time.

We understand that it can be an incredibly daunting task to get rid of these pests. While prevention is always better than applying treatments, getting to the treatment stage may be inevitable for many. It is because you won’t know the presence of these pests when they are under the radar. But once you feel them in your textiles, clothing, and furniture, that’s when you realize that they have been roaming around all this time. Unfortunately, when you see these visible signs, you know that detecting them has been too late. You know that there is no going back, and you now have to make major changes in your home.

But how do you treat bedbugs, no matter how small or huge their invasion is? How do you get to combat them without spending thousands of dollars or lots of hours doing the hard work? Are there shortcuts to make it happen?

Fortunately, the answer is, yes! There are shortcuts that you can use to control better and get rid of these bedbugs. But while there are shortcuts, you still must be open to investing time and energy into making it happen. You cannot just sit around doing nothing, then expecting everything to be okay.

Are you looking for shortcuts? Here are insanely effective ways to combat bedbugs:

1. Check all power outlets and make sure they have covers

Surprisingly, bedbugs find a safe resting place in power outlets because these tend to go under the radar of homeowners. As a homeowner, how do you “clean” a power outlet, right? That is why bedbugs like finding their homes in these places where you get to ignore them.

Thorough inspection of mattresses and bedsheetsIf you need to control bedbugs right now, invest in power outlet covers and make sure you put these in all outlets around the house. No outlet is too big or small for a bedbug to want to live in, so before these pests go running around your house, make sure that you control them before they start controlling you.

You must also look for areas that you rarely or never touch, such as under your cabinets and drawers, the back of your television, or under your chairs. These are some areas where bedbugs love to hide, so you must never overlook these spaces, too.

2. Throw away anything unnecessary hanging around the house

Clutter is your number one enemy when you want to fight against bedbugs. It is because if you have clutter, you get to overlook many spaces in your home. And as always, bedbugs like areas where they go unnoticed. So, if you have a lot of unused stuff in your home, then there is a big probability that bedbugs are starting to ground their presence here.

It is simple to want to clear your home of clutter. The tricky thing to answer, unfortunately, is what you “want” to throw away. Many people hold on to things for memories, and so while there are many unused things in the home, you still wouldn’t want to throw them away because of their sentimental value. But you will only end up being sorrier than ever if you choose not to say “goodbye” to these things. It is because not only bedbugs would want to thrive in this clutter, but other pests as well, like rodents and insects.

These two tips sound simple, but surprisingly, they work. Try them out and see how they help you combat bedbugs in your home.

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