Deciding When to Repair or Buy a New Device

Posted by on April 11, 2018

Most important factors to consider before repairing or purchasing a new electronic device:

1. How old is your device?

a. If your device is less than one year old and got some problem, then use the warranty and get it repair.

b. If your device is in good condition and damage was repairable then get it repair and re-use it.

c. If your device is very old (more than ten years) then replace it as soon as you get the problem with the device. Because old electronic devices uses more power.

A broken smartphone may just need the screen replaced2. How much is the original price of your device?

a. If the repair charges are more than or nearly same as that of the original cost of your device, then better change the device. Because you can get a brand new device with that repairing charge.

b. If the repair charge is less, then get it repair and use it.

3. What are the available features?

a. If your current electronic device is not having the features that are needed by present trends then change it and get a new piece with the features you are looking for. Since the cost of an electronic device is not stable and falling day by day, you can get a new device with multi features at low cost. The best example is a computer (Processor wise, memory-wise, and other features wise).

b. If it is possible to add the features you want to the current device at a reasonable cost, then get it modified and use it. You need to know about the additional parts and their prices regarding this case.

4. Is there any exchange offers available?

Check if there are any exchange offers available in the market. If you think that you get better device by exchanging your old one, then use this facility. This saves some money.

5. Are you sentimental?

If you have any sentiments with that device that you have been using for a long period, then it depends on you to take the decision.

6. Are you crazy about the latest electronic devices?

If you love latest trends and want to fill your living area with damn new devices, then you can sell the old one and get a new one.( Before changing the device that working in good condition, keep in mind that today’s new fashion is tomorrow’s old version).


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