Computer Geeks: The New Breed of Beauty

Posted by on November 19, 2017

Once upon a time, people were asked whether they wanted beauty or brains for a partner. The question points to an expectation that you only had to choose one because a person having both is hard to find.

Women who can code are considered geeksIn this day, though, there is a new breed of beauties that’s been captivating the world over. Ever heard of Lyndsey Scott, the brains behind the app iPort? She is a computer programmer, a computer engineering and theater major—and oh, by the way, she is also a Victoria’s Secret angel!

Even beauty competitions like Ms. USA and Ms. Universe now celebrate not only beautiful faces, sexy bodies, and confident struts; but also, the candidate’s stand on issues and ability to communicate with diplomacy and tact. It is a great move that people now praise the holistic idea of beauty because more women are now becoming good models for young girls.

Why is there a sudden shift in this beauty-brains mentality? And does this mean people are now fed up by vain women who don’t do anything else other than post different fashion trends? Or, does this just mean more options for women to look up to?

The change may be due to shifting values in what is deemed necessary in this day. And as has been proven in the past decades, emotional and mental intelligence can go a long way when it comes to being successful in life. Another reason may be the rise of feminism across cultures, where more women now have a stronger voice in society.

Although the term “beautiful computer geek women” can draw in thousands of viewers, it is foreseen that there will come a time when people will see others not through their physicality only, but as individuals endowed with talents uniquely their own.

This leaning towards computer geeks who are pretty, slim, and stunning proves that double standards still exist. They get on magazine covers and are featured in print and online publications. But what about computer geeks who are not as beautiful, slim, and stunning? Why don’t they get featured on magazine covers as well, no matter how talented they are?

Geeks look fashion-forward with glasses and makeupBut the shift in attitude is apparent and continues to gain ground across cultures. It is great that in this day, there are so many options for women to choose from, from beauty products to shoes and clothing. This diversity in products means everyone is now being included in the picture. Today, women can now purchase Korean cosmetic beauty shop products no matter what their skin tone is. And women can now choose from a wide range of clothes whatever their body shape and size is. It may take a few more years for this inclusivity to take hold, but the market demand just keeps on growing so we can expect something better in the future.

Computer geeks may be the new breed of beauty, but so does being confident, talented, and well-rounded. As much as we must praise computer geeks turned supermodels, we must not forget to also turn our attention to those who are as talented and smart but do not fit into society’s standards of beauty.


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