Choosing Between a Laptop vs. a Desktop

Posted by on December 4, 2018

As you already know a desktop is bulky, cheap and useful. A laptop is sleek, expensive, and useful.

Did you get that? They both do the same things, but the way to figure out which one to get comes down to two things:

1) Money
2) Use

If you have money to burn, get both and stop reading this. If you’re on a budget, desktops are much cheaper for the same hardware in comparable laptops. Laptops are expensive not only for convenience but for miniaturization of the computer hardware, not to mention designing new cooling methods for prolonged favorable operations.

Obviously, a computer becomes obsolete quickly, so if you do need to upgrade every 2-5 years as most people should, a desktop is a way to go. Since for the price of one laptop you can get a REALLY nice PC, or an average PC with ‘free’ (the extra $ you would have spent on a laptop of equal hardware) upgrades for the next decade as opposed to an average laptop with no upgrades.

Some will give you reasons such as college for laptops ONLY, but most colleges have laptops at libraries for checkout. Did I mention the high theft rate for laptops on college campuses too? Yeah, desktops are a bit hard to steal if they’re in your locked dorm/house/apartment.

If you’re a professional, then obviously get a laptop especially if you travel, but assuming you’re a student or family, laptops don’t have any added benefits even if you are in college other than convenience and a higher incidence of theft.


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