Cloud Computing: Future Opportunities for Small Businesses

Cloud Computing: Future Opportunities for Small Businesses

Oct/6 By

Even if you are not a techie, you have most likely heard about cloud computing, also known as grid computing, or as Software-As-a-Service (SaaS). Similarly to virtualization, cloud computing has

How to Successfully Practice the Violin

Aug/12 By

Learning the violin involves long hours of training. Unlike the most common instruments like the guitar, the violin is something that’s hard to learn on your own, but that doesn’t

Massage Therapy for a Healthier Pregnancy

Massage Therapy for a Healthier Pregnancy

Aug/2 By

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and delicate processes that a human body will go through. Being able to carry life within your belly is something so precious that

social network

Our Own Social Network

May/24 By

We kept the look and feel mostly similar so that the users of the Pronetos social network wont be so confused when they land here on a new page! The

security updates

Security Updates in Pronetos

May/24 By

Greetings all – just a quick note about some code changes to the site, and some new security measures. In our effort to connect the worlds scholars in as seamless

facilitate tech collaboration

What is Pronetos?

May/24 By

Pronetos exists to connect scholars and their institutions, facilitating collaboration and production of scholarly work. We offer a complementary set of products and services to help scholars collaborate, publish, and

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